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The following is a list of free web-based tools that foster communication and collaboration. Before using a tool with students, it is recommended that you read the terms of service and the privacy police of the service provider.

Suggested Web 2.0 tools


Online Tool Description

Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that uses cloud storage and offers a 2 GB free account. With Dropbox, you can store and share files, pictures, videos and folders with anyone across the Internet.
Edmodo is a free social learning network that can be used by teachers, students and parents. With Edmodo, teachers can post assignments and discussion questions, share photos, videos and Web links, create polls and different work groups.
Glogster EDU is a social network that allows you to create interactive posters called Glogs. Glogs can support text, graphics, music, videos, special effects, Web links and more.
Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. In addition, it allows users to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings, and do collaborative editing in real time with multiple users.
Kidblog is a secure, private blogging platform designed for kindergarten to Secondary V students. Students can have their own individual blog and post on other classroom blogs.
Little Bird Tales is a creative digital story telling tool that lets you create slideshows using your own pictures or illustrations and record your voice. The illustrations can be done and paper and photographed or done using the Web site’s integrated art pad. You could also add text and buy your story in mp4 format.
Padlet is an online notice board maker. It lets you create a Web page that is referred to and looks like a wall. You can invite students, parents, and collaborators to post messages on the wall in the form of electronic post-it notes.
PowToon is an online tool that allows you to create animated presentations and cartoon like animated videos. Creations can be played in the online viewer, exported to YouTube or downloaded as an MP4.
Skype is a free software application that you can use to communicate with your friends on the Internet via telephone or video. It also offers instant messaging, screen sharing and file transfer options.
SlideShare is an online slide-sharing application that lets you upload, view and download presentations. You can upload OpenOffice, PowerPoint, Keynote and text files as your presentations.
Storybird is an easy to use collaborative storytelling tool. Select a collection of pictures that inspire you, write a story and your Storybird is done! You can do all the creating yourself or you can invite collaborators to work on a story with you.
Media Resources | ComicLife With nearly half a million copies installed in their classrooms in 80 countries around the world, educators tell us our software supercharges their already incredible superpowers: teaching kids to read, write, and communicate more effectively.
Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that allows you to send text messages called tweets. Tweets are limited to 140 characters and can be read by all users. However, you need an account to post tweets. You can choose to make your postings public or keep them private.
Vocaroo is an online service that lets you send voice messages over the Internet. Simply record your message and send or embed the Vocaroo widget in your website or blog.
Voicethread is a powerful tool to have conversations around images, videos and documents. A voicethread takes on the form of a slideshow that allows you to navigate slides, draw on them and leave comments.
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