How to Participate

The PÉLIQ-AN program provides an opportunity for teachers wishing to set up a language-exchange project with their students to take advantage of a grant that will help cover the costs of the project. To participate, follow the steps indicated below.

1- Read the Information Document carefully to obtain all the necessary information about the PÉLIQ-AN project and the terms of the grant application.

2- Work in partnership with a teacher in the other linguistic sector* to develop a language-exchange project. You can join our Facebook Group to search for a partner.

3- Fill out the Grant Application Form. Parts I and II of the form must be filled out jointly by both teachers (co-coordinators of the project).

4-  Download and fill out Part III Proposed Project Budget This form must be filled by each co-coordinator individually and emailed to the PÉLIQ-AN project coordinator.

5- After the project is over, fill out the Post-Project Report Please fill out the document on your computer, print it and complete it with the required signatures.

6- Email the Post-Project Report, together with the Form for the Justification of Supply Teaching  and all relevant invoices, to the program coordinator before the end of the school year.

* It is the teacher’s responsibility to take the necessary steps toward finding a partner in the other linguistic sector. Exceptionally, should a teacher be unable to find a partner, he or she may contact the program coordinator.     
**   The exact date appears on the Grant Application Form . Projects that reach the program coordinator after the deadline will only be examined if there are funds remaining in the program budget after projects submitted on time are approved.